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Doctors' Lounge

"Taking care of the people who take care"

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eventual is coordinating the refurbishment and modernization of the doctors’ lounge at a major Quebec hospital.

This project, which will see the drab interior of the lounge transformed into a sort of executive club through the use of participating company’s products and services, is a unique and direct method for putting your company’s goods and services directly into the hands of these users.

This new initiative will turn the current doctors’ lounge into a showpiece for these products, and give our highly-important audience something that will instill pride in their workplace, and provide a convivial place to rest, regain energy, and work on tough problems.

More than 350 - over 2% - of the province's most important and affluent medical personnel make use of the lounge regularly.

Your company can benefit by being in front of them as part of the revamp of the lounge area, and display your concern for our community’s health by showing your support of its doctors while at the same time promoting your products directly to this hard-to-reach market.

Numerous advertising opportunities exist for participating companies, both in and around the doctors’ lounge.

This is not a sponsorship activity, or donor drive.

All aspects of the refinishing of the doctors’ lounge will be coordinated to give our advertisers maximum, long-term exposure to this top market, their spouses and families, and 'indirectly' to their friends, coworkers, and other doctors they show, tell about, or offer items you make available, from the lounge.

The new and improved lounge will look like an executive box at the Bell Centre, or first-class passenger lounge at a major airport. Our advertising partners will have the chance to imprint their message on the minds of this user group with ongoing management and promotion of the site by our company.

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